miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009


Empecé un nuevo libro, en sincronía con ideas que rondan en mi mente sobre esta era de privacidad pirata de voyeurismo extremo de input y output. Mientras miro con nostalgia hacia atrás alumbrando con mi vela épocas que no viví. Sumida en una era que aun no creo comprender…citando a nuestro viejo droogo Alex “No time for the old in-out, love...” Espero que los próximos tiempos nos reciban con mas claridad.


“Want to take your business to the next level? ...Get free publicity even thought you are promoting nothing. Business network with scary people you don’t respect and whose haircuts obviously cost more than your own… Get commitments, then let people down…Whether you’re just starting out or you made a million form your business last year, its all kind of scary and futile, isn’t it? There are simply too many people on earth. Oil is going to run out in your lifetime. What’s your follow-up strategy to increase sales and profits? ...If you are trying to stay more focused on what you do, then do what most genuinely successful people do, which is take Ritalin…”Hi, I’m Jeremy. I’m that high-energy new guy they stole from Remtech across the Parkway. I’m young smart good looking and I’m using ever-scaling amounts of crystal meth to make me seem more alive than you… People say everyone can be a success, but you look at the numbers and no, the world is more about failure and compromised standards than it is about winning. The older the culture is, the less cutesy it is about saying, “Well, you are a winner because you tried your best.” Can you imagine a Chinese person saying that? They’d just think you are a loser and buy all your goods at fire sale prices during your bankruptcy yard sale. You’re always hearing about “following your dream”, but what if your dream is boring? Most people’s dreams are boring… Greed kind of helps, but it looks ugly, and at parties people avoid greedheads, so there goes your social life. Life is a contest between you and everyone else. Don’t you get an empty felling in your soul when you have a blank to-do-list? ... People who advocate simplicity have money in the bank, the money came first not the simplicity… Women can discern shitty clothes at thirty paces. Even seasoned recruiters base their first impressions on the basis of fuckability. The second thing they look at is whether you’re competent, and the third thing they see is whether you’re creative disguising your lack of competence and or fuckability.”
“…Then I wondered if Leonardo da Vinci had ever inhaled any of the oxygen molecules I was breathing, or if he ever had to sit through a marketing meeting. What would that have been like? “Leo thanks for your input, but our studies indicate that when they see Lisa smile, the want a sexy flirty smile, no that grim little slit she has now. Also, I don’t know what that closet case Michelangelo is thinking with that naked David guy, but Jesus, clamp a diaper onto him pronto.”

Douglas Coupland, JPOD.

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