lunes, 16 de febrero de 2009

Durero. Melencolia I

El compás no es suficiente.
Ni el reloj de arena.
Ni la balanza.
Ni la campana que marca la hora.
Ni el metro que mide la distancia.
No es suficiente.
No sirve tu lupa.
No sirve tu telemicroscopio.
No sirve tu geometría.
Ni tu cosmogonía.
Siempre hay algo entre un parpadeo y otro
que se escapa.

Carsten Nicolai

¨I percieve the object in Durer´s engraving as a crystal. It is a solid object with a reflective surface, but it has not been manufactured. It has grown like a snow crystal, following its innate rules. The object is like the film still of a process. I would have looked different had it been photographed a moment earlier or a moment later. Albrecht Durer´s engraving has captivated my curiosity for almost ten years. During the same period I became fascinated by Johannes Kepler´s observations and it appears to me that the two perceptions of the world are related. Melancolia I focuses on the process of creativity. What are the energies that make us into moral beings? What is that brings about the fundamental question, who am I? The geometrical object is interesting because it is not visible in its entirety. Durer´s work refers to the moment of sadness when one realises that one´s logic has ended and one has to acknowledge the existence of phenomena in the universe that cannot be explained through logic alone. This realization has long disappeared in most western societies, but and awareness for this is still present in japan. altough a highly developed society, japan has retained a humble and religious sensibility regarding the order of the universe.¨

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